M/V Flexibele Mannequins Wit Rubber Gecoat - Verhuur

M/V Flexibele Mannequins Wit Rubber Gecoat - Verhuur

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Artikelnummer:  M/V Flexibele Mannequins Rubber Gecoat - Verhuur
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New: Flexible Display Figures Rubber Coated
(Note: 1 Set Available for rental)


1x Female Model and 1x Male Model
Skin tone with make up and modeled hair.
Can be put on a wig.
Completely adjustable in any desired position
loose fingers

1 x Female Model and 1 x Male Model

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Circumference measurements Female . Model Circumference measurements Manl. Fashion model
Confection Size: 36 - S             Confection Size: 46/48
Total height: 176 cm                  Total height: 180 cm
Chest circumference: 74 cm      Chest circumference: 85 cm
Waist circumference: 52 cm       Waist circumference: 71 cm
Hip circumference: 82 cm          Hip circumference: 89 cm
Shoe size : 38 - 39                     Shoe size: 43 - 44